Ross' Music

Music Cd

  1. Born to Try ~ Delta Goodrem
  2. Goodbye My Lover ~ James Blunt
  3. Tears in Heaven ~ Eric Clapton
  4. Fields of Gold ~ Eva Cassidy
  5. Almost Here ~ Delta Goodrem/Brian McFadden
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water ~ Simon & Garfunkel
  7. Over the Rainbow ~ Eva Cassidy
  8. You Are Beautiful ~ James Blunt
  9. Songbird ~ Eva Cassidy
  10. In the Arms of an Angel ~ Sarah McLaughlin
  11. Take Me Home ~ Sophie Ellis Bextor

The music at the Service (shown above) was music (with one exception) from CD's that Ross owned. This may surprise some of his friends who perhaps saw a young man with very different music choice on a night out.


Tracks 1 - 6 formed a 30-minute compilation, which was played before the service itself.


Tracks 7 - 10 were played at specific points within the service.


Track 11 - was played at the Crematorium to conclude the service.


We have placed music on the site to play as you navigate through the pages and whilst this may not be in the order that it occurred on the day, we feel that the most important tracks are in the right place.


We hope you take the time to listen to the music as it forms a very important part of the service and who Ross was.

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