Natasha Bedingfield

Ross's Mini Mayfair



The Mini Mayfair was bought for Ross by his Mum

and the original intention was to make the car

roadworthy so that Ross could use it along with

driving lessons to pass his test.

However, Ross decided to strip it back and give

it a complete restoration before putting it back

on the road and whilst some work has been done

on the car, there has been no work on it for the

past two years.

The bonnet was removed so that work could be carried out on the engine. The roof lining inside was damaged and Ross took it out and for the replacement lining to be fitted properly the windscreen needs to be removed.

Ross removed the seats, carpets, underlay, offside and rear door cards and fittings for offside door.

His dad removed the top and bottom dash rails and these have been relaid with black vinyl.

There were some minor repairs needed to the floor panels and this has been completed.
The boot lid was removed along with the rear bumper and this is one part of the car which is almost completely restored.
Headlamps, side lights, grill and bumper removed to enable work on the engine compartment and inside both wings.

Close up of the engine and compartment which requires quite a bit of work to bring it up to Ross's standard.


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