'Tears In Heaven'
Eric Clapton

Book of Condolence

The Book of Condolence was available for signing on the 19th August 2005, and for a further 3 weeks at South West Sound Radio.


Obviously, not everyone had the opportunity to sign the Book of Condolence and there is a ‘Guestbook’ within this site so that people can leave messages.

We have put in all the comments from the Book of Condolence.

However, if yours is personal to yourself and Ross, and you would like it removed, please  e-mail  us and we will amend it in accordance with your wishes, and we apologise in advance for any upset we may have caused.


Always in my heart Ross! Love you loads forever & always XXXXXX
Terri Graham


Always & forever a true friend and who will never be forgotten XXXX
Emma MacDonald


Me and the labyrinth love ya always, XXXXXXXXX
Alison McAughtrie


Keep dancing for me hubby, love you forever XXXXX
Lucy McGarey


Miss you and love you always XXXXX
Carrie Carmichael


Ross shine in the sky at night, God bless you and peace be with you XX
Gillian Marley-Milligan


Missing my “Good Mornings” already. Lots of love always XX
Lyndsey Featherstone


My pleasure to have known you “sunshine”. XX
Pamela Wells


Will miss you bounding up for change. God Bless XX


Thinking of you.


We are all thinking of you babe, you’re in our hearts forever XXXX
Michael Porter


Will miss you up and down the country XXX
Laura Dewar


Thinking of you loads, you’re a great guy to know XX
Jennifer McQueen


Miss you.
Rosie Dewar


Our adopted son you will always be with us love XXXXXXX
Robert Maria Rome


Friends are the family you choose. Love you always XXX
Sam Rome


Fantastic friend. Loved him to bits X
Rosalyn, Josh & Barry


For all his faults & his fabulousness we loved Ross and by his death I am not impressed, like! A light in my life has gone out, but the afterglow will always be in my heart.
Carol Griffiths


Deepest sympathy.
Kenny and Kath Holmes


You will always be in our hearts. Love you XXXX
Nicola & Jack Holmes


Thinking of you always. X
Martine, Kerry & Kate


Always be in our thoughts XX
Hayley & Michelle


Many laughs Ross! U R 1 in a million X
Kathryn Glenny


Miss you dearly Ross!
Joni Clark


Deepest sympathy. Best Wishes
Stephen Marshall


Smiling Ross, now a star in heaven X
Lynn Williams


Love you and miss you.


Miss you.
Mary and Ike McCallie


Love and miss you bro.
Tracy McCallie


Your tantrums at work will be missed.
E Borthwick


Will miss you loads XXX
Chirsty Bell


The office won’t be the same that’s for sure!
Bruce McKenzie


A great guy who brought smiles to everyone’s faces, enjoyed his company for the short time I knew him, will miss him loads. Love
Siollan Rafferty XXX


Gonna miss our chats!
Elaine Wilson


To one of the good guys.
James White


Miss u safe always X
Suzanne Blackley


Sincere wishes & goodnight X
Reba & George Ireland


God be with you
Millie – Kirkton


Ross – much loved – much missed


Ross you always wanted to get all the attention. So enjoy!
You wanna be minger. Love you loads.

Fiona X


I’m gonna miss you so much diva! I love you so much and I won’t forget you!
Love Always

Lisa XXX


Babe – gonna miss your wacky hair and sarky commets. Love you always XX

Lots of love alwayz !! Missin U already


We could never say goodbye without a kiss on the cheek.
So this can’t be goodbye?
I’m saving that kiss in my heart.
I’ll miss you

Love GregX


I will always remember your smile!
Night night love

Claire Curie XXX


We will never forget you darling.
Always in our thoughts

Tracey C & Mark XXX


I’ll never do the cha cha without thinking of you babe.
Missing you already.

Ms Pink (Suzie) XXX


Look at the brightest star – That’s Ross
Always the biggest.
Always the brightest.
Love ya mate.



Take care, hope you are happy and remember you’re always invited to the partys. Thanks for the coffee XXXXX
Jessica Appleby


You will be missed always, will see you again someday!
Nicola Herschy


I will always miss you, all my love always Ross, see you again XXX
Emma Rossall


Miss your happy face. Take Care. Lots of love.
Katie X


You were a true friend Ross. I will miss you always. Love you always.
Emma XXX


Thanks for being an amazing friend, always making me laugh.
Miss you. Lots of love.

Lindsay XXX


You made me laugh, you were a great friend, miss you always.
Lots of love



Dearest Ross, I never got a chance to tell you exactly what you meant to me; so now is my chance. From the moment we met I fell in love with you. You were the most loving, caring & genuine guy I’d ever met. The relationship we were developing made my heart skip a beat. As you once said to me, not seeing you was like losing a limb. As I told you on many occasions, I would have been with you through thick and thin, day or night. I’d have done anything in the world for you.
You have a special place in my mind, my heart and my soul, now and forever. I shall love you always. You will be with me for the rest of my life in all aspects. You are not alone, for I am here with and you with me. I will see you again one day, of that I’m certain.
My heart, thoughts and mind are now and forever with you and your family.

All my love, as always, Neil XXX


Although you are gone, you will always be with us in our hearts.
Jumpin Jaks will never be the same without you up on that dance floor dancing to Dirty & Superstar!
We love you & miss you millions.
You will never be forgotten.
Be good & will see you in heaven one day.

Love Leigh XXX

p.s. I’ll make sure Dirty is played for you in Jaks XXX


I feel so lucky and proud to have known you Ross.
You always made me smile.
Your cheer and happiness will be sadly missed.
Thinking of you always XX

Gael Anderson


I know it was you who set the alarm off in reception, the night before the service.
I know it was you who “spooked” the final show song on the Friday morning.
I know these things come in threes – will it be eye drops in my coffee!
It was a delight to know you Ross, you had so much to offer and you’ll be



Ross, it was great to have known you and to have you as one of our neighbours.
We’ll miss your smiley face. Take care. All our Love.

Pam & Tam Houston


Feel lucky to have known you, you were helpful, funny, a really nice guy.
Margaret K


So glad we met Ross. You were such a ray of light


Ross we will miss your smile and your charm, Your wit and wisdom. God Bless.Norman, Mary & Kimberley Milligan


God Bless.
Lindsay and all the Shopmobility clients.


Ross, with fond memories of our European travels and special friendship of the Summer of 2002, and complete disbelief at the fact you have left us.
Chris and Ian X


We love you and miss you.
Keep watching over us baby.
I know you were with us on Robert’s 1st day at school.
And no, he didn’t have spiked hair, he, he!
Love you baby XXXXXX

Jennifer & Robert


We will always have our memories of you Ross.
School ones especially!!
You will always be the boy with the first mobile phone!
Goodbye Ross X
You will always have a place in our hearts XXX

Katherine, Jannette, Claire & Romaine


Ross, you’re one in a million and always will be.
Tracey X


Ross, miss you loads. Thinking of you always.
Sandy X


Soz neva spoke 2 u much when a was here, miss you alot good friend.


Ross, babes, although the time we had was brief it was always well spent time.
I’ll miss all the things we’d talk about.
It’s strange to think about drinking gin on my own now ! :)
You inspired me when I was fed-up and always made me smile.
You were a beautiful person ... and you knew it sweetheart!
Will miss you always, buy you a Gin later :)
All my love,

Becca XX
[Cosmopolitan two cheek kiss ;)]


Hey Ross, It was really great knowing you and I will miss our little adventures!!
You were a very special friend and I will miss you soo much!
Keep going round those round abouts eh?!
Bye sweetie.

Stef X


Hey hunni I will miss all those great times we had together.
All our ducking in & out of shop doors in the pouring rain on a Sunday and our dancing round about.
I will carry on making those memories for us and keep you with me while I do them.
Miss you loads.
Love n’ hugs

Ineke X


Never a dull moment in your company – just wicked laughs.
I always looked forward to a smile and wave at 8.27 – even if it was just before my headline update (but you always had the best news!!).
Thanks for the morning cuppa, letting me style your hair, sharing clearing up bitches, the T.V. chats, but most of all making me feel like royalty on GALACTIC proportions.
Truly in your own ‘League of Gentlemen’, thanks for the education!!
XX Love Always XX

Princess Palpatine X


Although I only knew you for a short time during our work at PatientLine, you made a huge impact in my life!
You are a ray of sunshine!
You always had a smile and a cuddle & brightened up my day.
Take care honey. Forever in our hearts XXX

Anna Morton


Ross, you have been the most wonderful friend.
You brought such ‘joie de vivre’ to West Sound.
I am so proud of all that you achieved while working here but
most of all I am so grateful to have been friends with one so kind, sensitive and brilliant good fun!! – oh and you were such a fab shopping buddy!
Until we meet for that latte & menthol Ross ....

Love you so much
Fiona Blackwood XXX


Ross, you were a most “fabulous” friend who touched many hearts & lives, you will be missed more than you ever thought possible, let the angels look after you now.
Love always

Alison XXX


Ross, I’ve truly never had a friend like you, you are a ‘one off’, unique special person with an amazing spirit that will live on in my heart forever.
Thank you for always helping me and for generally being a wonderful friend.
We’ve charmed, cried, styled, bitched, tickled and above all laughed together and you’ve given me some of the happiest days over the past two years.
I loved the way you loved to make people laugh and smile with your antics and that’s exactly what I’ll do every time I think of you, I love you and miss you sooo so much.

Love your MFB (aka Laura) XXXX

Ross, you will always be my wee huni and I’ll always be your princess, I will miss your real coffee you used to make me as you made it so well.
I’ll also miss our little heart to hearts when I would tell you all my problems and secrets and you would always have a great idea.
You were always a great listener and a great shoulder to cry on.
Ross huni, you will always be in my heart forever, there is a special place in my heart for all of the great memories of you.
I miss your sweet smile, your laughter in fact I just miss you !! so much it hurts.
You were taken away so sudden but I know your looking down on us all, looking after us.
Sleep well & in peace huni.
All my love forever.

Debbie (Princess)


Gonna miss your smile & the hug that always made my day.
You always knew what to say to make everyone feel better.
Gonna miss you loads babe.XXX

Carole Rennie


You brightened up everyone’s day.
Even though some of us only knew you for a couple of months.
You touched everyone’s hearts.
We hear there’s a Costa in Heaven just for you.
Enjoy those vanilla lattes.

The Team @ Costa Dumfries XX


All the memories I have is of when you were 9 to 11 years of age.

I remember your floppy blond hair, your clown outfit at my 10th birthday and the times we laughed, drew and played together.

My only wish is that we kept in touch much more.

The last time I spoke to you was on the phone when you were about 18 or 19.

It was like we had never lost touch. We both have been caught up in our own lives.

I will always think of you and you will always have a place in my heart.

All My Love

Alison XXX

(Alison Fiona Hindle)


To Ross,


God Bless and Keep You

Till we meet again

Love You Always



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