'If Only For Today'
Becca Bird

Ross's 26th Birthday



On 1st September 2006, it would have been Ross’s 26th Birthday and we have

created this page so that family and friends can leave a card, a poem,

a message, a photograph or anything else in memory of Ross.


All Our Love

Now and Forever

Mum, Dad & Richard

Friday 1st September 2006



Our thanks to Merlinda for sending us the

'Four Candles'

His Smile


Though his smile

is gone forever

and his hand we

cannot touch

we still have so

many memories

of the one we

loved so much.

His memory is

our keepsake

with which we'll

never part

God has him in

his keeping

We have him in

our hearts.


Sadly missed but

never forgotten.

All our Love Forever

Mum, Dad & Richard



The orchid belongs to Ross and was in a poor

condition and did not flower last year.

One leaf was damaged and Ross had put a

sticking plaster on it to hold it together.

Ross's Mum removed the leaf from the plant

and brought it into the living room and

slowly but surely it recovered.

On Monday the 14th August 2006

it flowered for the first time in 2 years!


For Ross on his Birthday


A sweeter man we've never met

In our hearts we'll never forget!


The angels came to take him home,

Now we are left on earth to roam.


For everyone he had a smile

And he loved to sit and talk awhile.


Now in our hearts Ross still lives on

Until our time on earth is gone ...


Then once again we'll join our friend

Together in time that will never end.

See you later alligator

luv ya

x Suzanne Blackley x



.... with love on your birthday

Have a lovely birthday wherever you

are in heaven



Hi Ross,

Can't believe its been a year since you were

taken from us all.

We are all missing you so much, some

of us are going out for a few drinks to

celebrate your birthday like we

normally would.


Love you loads

Tracy Dalgleish




We'd laugh with one another

And sit out in the sun,

We'd lose ourselves in all the things

You and we have done.


You don't appreciate the good times

At the time that they occur.

But when you look back on them

How you wish they were still there.


All Our Love Forever

Mum & Dad




I often think of my brother

And our happy childhood days

When he would bring such happiness

In so very many ways

Although we had our times

When we could not agree

I would always stand his corner -

Just as he would for me.

I never shall forget

How he was always there

To support and encourage me

In moments of despair.

We often take for granted

Those in the family

With who we share a bond

Of unfailing loyalty.

Yet I know there is no brother

Who in any way could be

Quite as special as the one

Who has brought such joy to me.

Miss you Bro







We are always thinking about you

but especially at this time.


Miss and Love You Loads


Fiona, Tommy, Cameron, Jo

Sabs, Robin, Bruce, Alison, Avril

Caroline, Brian and Laura

And Everyone at West Sound




'If Only For Today'


Becca Bird


We would like to thank Becca for writing and

performing the music on Ross's 26th Birthday Page.

We are sure you will agree that this tribute

from Becca is a perfect birthday gift

and Ross would have loved it.


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something that you would like included on this page.

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