'Mr Rock and Roll'
Amy MacDonald

Ross's 27th Birthday



On 1st September 2007, it was

Ross’s 27th Birthday and we have

created this page so that family and friends can leave a card, a poem,

a message, a photograph or anything else in memory of Ross.



A loving son

so deeply missed

Thinking of you

on your special day

With fond memories

and much love


Now and forever

Mum and Dad




I guess its gonna cost

me a fortune in

missed Birthday drinks

when we meet again








Display at home with cards, candles

balloons and flowers.


Flowers from family and friends


Roucan Loch


Sunday 1st September 2007

To our dear friend Ross and family.

Sent with fondest memories

A true friend - never forgotten!

Birthday wishes from your loving friends.


Alison Hindle, Becky Hill,

Becky Knox, Merlinda Khong



Best Wishes











Mum & Dad



Card and words

shown below

Our thanks to


Terri and Sam


for the flowers, balloon

and card




Ross's Garden of Remembrance

The Autumn Cherry tree was kindly given to us in 2006 by Alison, Merlinda and Mark, three of Ross's school friends from Rochdale.

This year we added Ross's Angels to either side of the tree

And on the 1st September 2007 we added three wind chimes which is something that Ross always had in his room at home.


Mum found a butterfly

which is now amongst all the

other presents from family

and friends

Every day you're still with us

In one way or another,

Losing a Son is the worst thing in life

For a Dad and Mother.


That's why we both still find

The only thing we want to do,

Is have this little moment

Just your Mum and Dad and you.




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