Ross's 6th year in heaven


IRELAND - In Loving Memory

of Ross a much loved son and

brother taken from us on

13 August 2005.


We miss you now

our hearts are sore,

As time goes by we

miss you more,

Your loving smile,

your gentle face,

No one can fill your

vacant place.

Your touch, your

smile was always

so tender,

Today, tomorrow,

we will always


We miss you in so

many ways,

We miss the things

you used to say,

And when old times

we do recall,

It's then we miss

you most of all.


Always in our thoughts

Mum, Dad & Richard







I think sometimes I see you,

And you disagree with what I do,

The whole fact is,

I'm really missing you,


You always had the answer,

Costa was its name,

Was brill until,

You weren't near my hame,


I ask for your approval

And sometimes see you here

Always seems to be,

When I bring in the beer!


I know you are up there

And having a good old time,

Just one thing missing,

Wish you were mine.


Been thinking, been missing

Of all the things we used to do

And all I want to do

Is spend some more time with you


You may forget me but I won't forget you

The memories seem just so true

I miss all the hugs and the kisses too

I seem like a git for leaving you.......


I'll not change the feelings,

I can't change the past

But all the times we had

Reflect on the past

I miss you so much

You don't know it's true

No one ever understood me

The way I understood you




Miss you so much





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