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Message from: louise on 17 August 2008 at 11:44 IP Logged
Well u i was at work wen i wrote my last comment i ment monday not sunday sorry..Well wats new r u partyin with my gran lol,u r the 1 n only nobody can take that away frm u...i love u with all my heart n i miss u more than ul ever no, u r my 1 in six billon....well sleep tight,,,ur the brigtest star in the u xxx

Message from: Louise on 15 August 2008 at 00:00 IP Logged
Well hiya u, yes me back 2 bug u..didnt forget u on sunday, boss thinks i should work everyday lol, sort her out Ross..Well i miss u n it makes me sad that u aint here 2 give me advice after a long talk, cos right now im thinking i need ur advice ul send me a sign tho wen i need 1. Cant stay sad 4 long cos wen i close my eyes all i see is ur cheeky smile..ah ha still no goodbye so ther... love n miss u everyday mwah sweetdreamz my angel in the sky mwah xx

Message from: Just Me on 13 August 2008 at 08:51 IP Logged
Morning huni, Can't belive thats us on 3 years now!! Everything has rushed by so quickly, but a lot has happened since you've been gone. Some good some bad but i still miss you just as much as i did all that time ago. I can only imagine what life would have been like if you were still here, we would be owning the jaks dancefloor - every weekend!! Ha Ha!!I'm gonna pop up to roucan for your birthday, so please let it be dry and keep those dam swans away from me, They're so evil!!! Anyway, better go babe, i'll speak to ya soon!! Love you x x x x x

Message from: becca bird on 03 August 2008 at 13:08 IP Logged
hello honey.
glasgows great!
i was actually telling some of my new friends about you the other day! so i thought id pop by and say hello.
ive got a great job working in a music shop selling guitars and i moved into an amazing flat last nite, my own flat! how exciting!
miss you as always.
i do wonder what we could be doing now.
anyways, i'll see you at roucan next time im down the shire way!
love you always

Message from: Stephen on 02 August 2008 at 17:05 IP Logged
Hey handsome,
Thanks for the advice, I made the right decision and I am soo much happier for it. I know you will be happy for me ^_^
I've started down a new path now and things are gonna get so much better. Just wish you were here coz I know you would love the uniform hahaha.
Speak to you soon boyo
Love Stephen xxxxx

Message from: nikola, jack and aaron on 01 August 2008 at 00:51 IP Logged
well sun burn now peeling which is pretty minging!! bk to work sat which i am not looking 4ward to. the auld buggers downstair still moaning about the wee man getting up early, thinking they want me to tie him to a chair! hope ur missing me as much as i am missing you! bloody summer flys annoying me loads and my kitten milo loves chasing them! fly spray is a wonderful invension but somehow quite cruel!! cnt believe it will be ur birthday soon! aars is the 15th aug and mine 25th so hoping u willjoin us in our celebrations! love u baby and will cu some day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message from: NIK, JACK AND AARON on 30 July 2008 at 00:47 IP Logged
hey baby.aar and i just had a cry at your site im missing you so much.wickerman was amazin but got so burnt!!!and drunk!!! wishing u were here to cum wi me next year.....loving u xxxxxx

Message from: Just Me on 23 July 2008 at 14:36 IP Logged
Hey Gorgeous, me again! Just havin a wee skip through the net lookin for stuff to put up at roucan for your anniversary/birthday - Its gonna be awesome!! I'm missing you so much more after . . . . recent events - shall we say!! I wish i could make it work but i can see its not gonna happen, i'm ok tho, scott's keeping me goin, you would have loved him. Anyway better go, Love ya huni x x x x x

Message from: nik and jack on 21 July 2008 at 09:53 IP Logged
Hey darling. Hows things? Well work is going ok but they think jack might have autism its just one thing after the other at the moment. Anyway away to the wickerman this week so looking forward to that. Jack is going mental at the moment as he made a house out of a fold up bed and it has fallen to bits!!! hope you are ok and watching over us all. The kitten is well although getting terrorisd by jack all the time!! Emma going to beorking at laurieknowe and has just got a flat across the road from there. Anyway Take care and loving you every day love N and J xxxxxxxxx

Message from: louise on 06 July 2008 at 11:01 IP Logged
I was looking thro my 21st pictures i loved that night remember u kept telling ppl in jaks i was a princess n u used the straw as an ear piece sayin u where my bodyguard lol, we thot we where lush in that limo., n i nearly fell dwn the stairs in jaks a little drunk n u saved me n my dad said u have had far 2 much young lady n u said no no its those shoes we will have 2 take them back, my dad didnt even have an answer 4 u n everybody burst out laughing u r sooo witty,u even made my dad laugh thats an achievement in itself lol those where the good days n im so glad i hav the memories forever.
miss n love u,no goodbye ha i will b bk mwah xx

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